The Colombian Mint is a world-class precious metal refinery, assayer and polymetallic concentrates trader, with a tradition of processing minerals for more than 100 years. We are trusted by Latin America’s miners for our integrity, reliability and strict compliance process. Colombian mint delivers the highest quality dore bars, bullion bars and concentrates. We provide technological, metallurgical, regulatory, and refining expertise.


We at Colombian Mint have been continuously and successfully operating for over 20 years, because we build long-term relationships based on the integrity and the quality of our people. Our scientists, chemists, metallurgist, and other industry specialists are highly trained, they refine their skills and continuously innovate and improve our processes, and their lifelong commitments to the Latin American continent and to our unique role in its markets, help ensure our reliability as a pillar of the precious metals industry.


The Colombian Mint actively supports social programs such as Switzerland’s “Better Gold Initiative”  and US Aid’s “Oro Legal” COLOMBIAN MINT’S SUBSIDIARY CIIGSA IS THE ONLY REFINERY  IN ANALDEX NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EXPORTERS.

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